Data Savers continues to provide full data recovery services during the COVID-19 crisis. Click here for details.

What to Expect From Data Recovery

While we always strive to return all of your data to you, this is simply not always possible. What we can do is to use all of the tools at our disposal to maximize the amount of data we retrieve from your drive.

Data recovery is often a salvage process, which involves scavenging for available data. For example, if a crashed head has physically damaged the media platters, no one can recover information from the damaged areas. Often, recovering 40% of a drive takes considerably more effort than recovering 100%, depending upon the nature of the failure. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the quality or quantity of data recovered, because good data may not exist on the drive.

Open Honest Communication

We understand that the recovery process is stressful- many of our customers relate the experience to having a beloved pet at the vet for emergency care. While most companies leave you in the dark about the condition of your data, we use our CustomTrak™ portal to keep you updated with your progress. Haven’t heard from us in a few days? Just shoot us an email and one of our techs will personally get you an update to your ticket the next time we’re in the office.

Reasonable Turnaround Times

The turnaround time depends upon several factors including: 1) the size of the drive; 2) the condition of the drive and the extent of damage; 3) our workload at the time the drive is submitted, and 4) if we need to order parts. Some drives can be turned around in one day, whereas other drives may take from two to six days or more. We cannot predict the turn-around time until we have received and tested the drive. We will provide an estimate ASAP by email or telephone, upon request.

We offer optional priority (“rush”) and weekend service and can return drives by next day air freight if needed. Contact us for details.

We Keep Your Data Safe

Data Savers, LLC cares about the security of your data and takes appropriate measures to protect it. We do not share your data with anyone except for our technical staff on a need-to-know basis. We keep a copy or image of your data for a brief interval after recovery (typically ten days) to ensure that you receive it successfully. After that interval, the image is securely erased.

Once data recovery is complete we strongly urge you to invest in a comprehensive backup plan so you will not need to become a repeat client. An extra hard drive or cloud services may seem expensive, but when compared to the cost of crucial data loss it is a small price to pay.

I was very thankful that they provided a fair price up front! No hidden fees! These guys know what they're doing. Super thankful for them!

~ Marin G. on Google

After working with two other companies who could not recover the wedding videos, we took the drive to Data Savers. Our wedding videos were recovered. They are true professionals and worth every penny!

~ Elizabeth H. on Yelp

The team at Data Savers were level headed and provided reasonable flat rate options. They quickly diagnosed the problem, recovered the data, and had me back to normal in short order.

~ Mark J. on Google

Data Savers' No Risk Steps

Send In Your Drive

Ship* us your drive, our technicians will examine it for FREE and provide you with a flate rate (no hidden costs) estimate. (*FREE UPS Ground shipping in continental U.S. too!)

You can start by clicking Submit Drive.

We can also email you a quick estimate with our Request Pricing option.

We Go To Work

After your receive your estimate, with your approval our experts will get to work on recovering your data. Our drive repair and recovery techniques have been developed over many years to get the highest success rate possible.

With our No Data - No Charge policy we will not charge you if no data can be retrieved.

Get Your Data Back!

We will transfer your recovered data to a new external drive, ship* it back to you and let you get back in business! (*Free UPS Ground return in continental U.S.)

We do keep a copy or image of your data for ten days to ensure that you receive it successfully. After that your data is securely erased.