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Technical Articles

Hard Drive not Working After Power Surge

Are you having trouble starting your computer in the aftermath of a power outage? If your computer was plugged in during a lightning strike or when electricity returned after a power outage you may have fallen victim to a power surge. What is a Power Surge? In a typical household setting, a power surge is […]

Corrupted SD Card

SD cards are a family of widely used removable storage devices. While most SD card owners will never encounter file corruption, not all are so lucky. If you experience data loss as the result of a corrupted SD card, a professional data recovery lab like Data Savers is your best hope for getting your files […]

Microsoft Surface Won’t Turn On

The Microsoft Surface line of two in one computers is popular among students and professionals who are often on the go. While Microsoft Surface computers are popular, they are not perfect, and some Surface users will experience data loss. Fortunately, the data recovery professionals at Data Savers have extensive experience with Microsoft Surface data recovery […]

Types of Hard Drives

Have you ever wondered why the information on your computer is still there after you turn the computer off? Unless you’re using a custom machine, your computer stores data on a hard drive. If you’re interested in learning more about types of hard drives, then you’re in the right place! HDD & SSD Hard drives […]

Synology Data Recovery

Losing important files is never a pleasant experience; if you recently experienced data loss from a Synology device, Data Savers can help shift this burden off your shoulders. What is Synology? Synology is a storage-based solutions company that develops, maintains, and offers a wide range of appliances with natively built-in operating systems. Synology devices have […]

How to Recover Deleted Texts or Contacts?

Are you attempting to resolve a scenario involving deleted text messages or contacts? Trying to Resolve an Issue with Deleted Text Messages? Deleting text messages and contacts is an activity many individuals will do almost subconsciously. Your phone is running out of storage space, and you decide that you don’t really need to hold onto […]

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