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Technical Articles

New Drive Security Features Make Data Recovery Much Harder

Hard drive manufacturers continually strive to make their products more “secure.”  The bad news is that it often complicates data recovery, and sometimes prevents it altogether. Data recovery engineers have to be able to work with a drive’s “firmware” – a drive’s “operating system.” It’s a cat and mouse game — as manufacturers figure out […]

Don’t Open Your Hard Drive!

         Your hard drive stops working. Or maybe it makes new, unusual noise. You think, “maybe I can see what’s wrong and fix it.” So you check on YouTube™ and see what to do; find a Torx™ driver – and open it up. You see the shiny top platter and the assembly that holds the heads. […]

Three Common Misconceptions About Data Recovery

Most people going through data recovery are doing so for the first time. That means they aren’t quite sure what to expect. What they do know, is what they need off their drives and what the internet tells them about data recovery. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of misconceptions about data recovery. Only the […]

What are My Data Recovery Options?

When your hard drive fails it can be difficult to decide what to do, particularly if you don’t have a good backup system in place. Fortunately, there are some very simple choices that you need to make when you decide you have to have your data back. Professional Hard Drive Data Recovery may be the […]

The Anatomy of a Great RAID Data Recovery

When your RAID goes down, so does your business. This means that you will do just about anything to get back up and running. Unfortunately for you and your data, the quickest methods of rebuilding a RAID are far from the safest. A great RAID recovery has a few elements that allow your technician to […]

What is a “Clean Room Work Environment?”

When looking for a data recovery service, you often hear the word “clean room” thrown around a lot. But what defines what a clean room or clean room work environment is, and why are they important? A cleanroom or clean room is an environment with a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, […]

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