Pricing and Fees

We here at Data Savers believe in giving you expert level service without any catches. This includes on all drives:

✓ Flat Rates

✓ No Hidden Fees

✓ Free Diagnosis and Quote

✓ Free Shipping*

When you are ready to send your drive for your free quote, simply click on Start a Recovery.  Select to receive a free UPS Ground shipping label.

We offer our services at an affordable flat rate price, determined by the total capacity of your drive and the steps necessary to recover the data on it. Prices do not include a target drive to load recovered data. You may provide an empty drive yourself, or call our office for current pricing.

* Applies to UPS ground shipping of drive(s) in the United States. Additional $20 charge for extra insurance on laptop shipments.

Hard Drives

Please note: All prices listed are based on the TOTAL size of the drive, and not on the amount of data on the drive or on the amount of data you would like recovered.

Hard Drive Size Level A Level B
< 499 GB $349 $649
500 GB – 1.5 TB $449 $749
2 TB $549 $849
3 TB $649 $1049
4-5 TB $749 $1349
6 TB $849 $1549

Level A recoveries applies to drives that can be read on our special equipment.  This includes drives with bad media sectors, deleted files and some drives with degraded performance.

Level B recoveries cover drives that require mechanical or electrical intervention in order to read from the drive.

For larger drives contact us for pricing.

Flash Drives

Flash pricing includes SD or CF memory cards, as well as USB flash drives.

Flash Drive Size Level A Level B
0 – 64 GB $149 $249
128+ GB $249 $349

Level A recoveries are for drives with bad sectors or logical failures.

Level B recoveries are for drives that require electrical work such as re-soldering connections to be read.

In the event the damage is severe, recovery may require a chip removal and recovery.  Our technicians will quote this service as needed.  Most of our flash recoveries are served by either the Level A or B service.


RAIDs are devices that use multiple hard drives to act as one storage device, and have a multitude of possible configurations that can make recovery a very time-consuming process. Generally these require a custom quote, but as a rule of thumb, each drive will require a Level A or Level B recovery independently, plus a RAID reconstruction fee for each member of the RAID. Because of the considerable amount of time that must be invested, the reconstruction fee is non-refundable. Contact us to speak to a technician about an estimate.

When Data is Not Recoverable – Lab Fee $100-$150

Data recovery is a salvage operation and there are situations where existing damage can prevent recovery.  For some extreme Level B scenarios, a mechanical failure can cause platter damage and we cannot save the data.   For these situations, even though we have done all of the usual work required of a Level B recovery, we only charge a Lab Fee of $100 for drives under 4TB, and $150 for drives 4TB and larger.

Opened Drive Fee – $100

It is optimal and improves chances of recovery if we receive your drive in its “as failed” state.  The sealed metal case of a hard drive should never be opened outside of a cleanroom.  If your drive has been previously opened by another data recovery company it must have the lab’s cleanroom sticker to avoid the open drive charge.  If it has been opened outside of a certified cleanroom, this makes the recovery process more challenging.  Data Savers LLC will assess a $100 Open Drive Fee in addition to our regular flat rate fees. This fee will be collected before we begin to work on the failed drive. If the drive has simply been removed from a plastic external drive case the fee does not apply.  

There are no hidden fees!  You may however, request an added product or service that will be added to your quote.

Purchase of External “Target” Drive

You have the option of providing or purchasing a drive for the return of your recovered data.  If you provide one we require that it is less than a year old, completely empty and it cannot be a NAS (network attached storage) drive.  If you wish to purchase a portable drive from us you may select the drive during the registration process at “Start a Recovery.”   Our standard 1TB portable drive sells for $79, but other drives sizes are available to meet your individual storage needs.

Other Tech Services – $100 per hour, half hour increments

Our flat rate services include recovering the data from your bad drive, file reconstruction and loading the data onto a target drive.  Some of our clients request an additional service with their basic recovery.  The most common is de-encryption of their recovered data.  If requested this service is added into the original quote.

Front of the Line & Weekend Service – Immediate Expedite $250-$500

The expedite fee gets you front of the line, evening, and weekend service, but that does not necessarily mean the recovery will finish sooner than our regular turn around time. Sometimes hard drives take a while, and we do not want you to have the expectation that an expedite fee will speed up the process. If your drive turns out not to be a good candidate for expedited service, there is no additional charge.

Check “Yes” during registration (“Start a Recovery“) if you would like us to evaluate the possibility of expediting your recovery.

Expedited or Laptop shipping

We offer free UPS Ground shipping to all clients within continental U.S.  We prefer to receive only your failed drive, but understand there are circumstances where you are unable to have it removed from your computer.  Our technicians can remove the drive for you at our lab. We ask that you contact our front office for laptop shipping instructions before completing our online registration.  Due to the increased insurance required for laptops, there are packaging requirements and a $20 charge for laptop shipping.  This charge is added to the final invoice.

UPS Ground shipping is offered at no charge for incoming and return continental U.S. shipments.  In most cases this is a 1-3 day shipping time. If you wish to receive overnight shipping for your return shipment contact our front office. There is a charge of $20-40 depending on your location.

Why spend upwards of $1000s to recover your data if we can do it for a fraction of the price?

We have the knowledge and experience to recover data from the majority of bad drives. We can recover from all of the popular platforms and operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Our lab includes a Class 100 work facility (a “clean room”) and advanced drive recovery hardware, supported by years of component-level hard disk repair expertise. Depending on the nature of the problem, some level of data corruption may have occurred as the drive was on its way to failure. Data Savers, LLC makes every effort in recovering data from these drives using special techniques and recovery algorithms developed over years of experience and success.