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iPhone Data Recovery

Are you looking up iPhone data recovery after experiencing data loss from your Apple iPhone?

Look No Further than Data Savers, LLC

Look no further than Data Savers data recovery. After nearly twenty years of restoring data for clients in Atlanta and beyond, our engineers are as skilled as any data recovery engineers in the world. The Data Savers team has seen success recovering data from devices that were physically damaged, logically damaged, or functioning normally (and data was deleted either intentionally or accidentally).


Recovering data from an iPhone is certainly more difficult than most hard drive recovery cases, but the Data Savers team is up for the challenge.

Challenges with iPhone Data Recovery

Apple is famous for producing intuitive devices that can be enjoyed by users with any degree of technical skill. While it may be simple using an iPhone, attempting data recovery iPhone is anything but simple. Not only does Apple design hardware to make it difficult for third parties to access internal components, but they also use the hierarchical file system plus(HFS+) filesystem. On top of that, the iPhone Operating System (iOS) gets more complex with (virtually) every update. These software factors, coupled with hardware that is challenging to navigate, make iPhone data recovery an involved ordeal for any data recovery technician.

In contrast to iOS, the Android operating system will (almost) always prove less challenging to work with from a data recovery perspective. The Android OS is based on the Linux kernel, and a vast majority of technical computer professionals have some familiarity with the various Linux operating systems. Apple has truly implemented a unique development ecosystem for their mobile phones. While the distinct look and feel of the iPhone is charming for users, it is also a factor that adds to the complexities of iPhone data recovery.

iPhone Data Recovery Software

Conflicts of interest are an interesting phenomenon. For example, assume you are standing in line at Pizza Hut. You’re waiting to place your order when a dominos employee comes up to you and says, “don’t buy their pizza, it will give you an upset stomach, buy domino’s pizza and you’ll be fine”. You would probably be somewhat skeptical, considering how they stand to benefit if you choose to believe them.

Well, here goes… There are a wide variety of software tools that claim to be capable of iPhone data recovery. Some of the companies making these claims are wrong, their software simply doesn’t work, but they are too deep into the project to accept that fact. Some of them are lying, they know their software will not be successful in restoring your data and try to get you to buy it anyway. In either case, you would be better off choosing a professional data recovery lab.


While complex, iPhone data recovery is not impossible. If you lose important data from an iPhone, don’t hesitate to reach out to the data recovery experts at Data Savers. Request an estimate by clicking the button at the top of your screen or by clicking the nifty color-changing section below. Submit your information using the form, and you will receive a pre-paid shipping label to send your iPhone to our laboratory. After the device arrives the Data Savers HQ, our engineering team will generate your free data recovery assessment. If you choose to move forward with the case, you should have the lost data returned to you in the near future. Data Savers is proud to offer a risk-free data recovery guarantee. If we aren’t capable of restoring all the data you were looking to get back, you don’t pay for our data recovery efforts.

I was very thankful that they provided a fair price up front! No hidden fees! These guys know what they're doing. Super thankful for them!

~ Marin G. on Google

After working with two other companies who could not recover the wedding videos, we took the drive to Data Savers. Our wedding videos were recovered. They are true professionals and worth every penny!

~ Elizabeth H. on Yelp

The team at Data Savers were level headed and provided reasonable flat rate options. They quickly diagnosed the problem, recovered the data, and had me back to normal in short order.

~ Mark J. on Google

Data Savers' No Risk Steps

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We Go To Work

After your receive your estimate, with your approval our experts will get to work on recovering your data. Our drive repair and recovery techniques have been developed over many years to get the highest success rate possible.

With our No Data - No Charge policy we will not charge you if no data can be retrieved.

Get Your Data Back!

We will transfer your recovered data to a new external drive, ship* it back to you and let you get back in business! (*Free UPS Ground return in continental U.S.)

We do keep a copy or image of your data for ten days to ensure that you receive it successfully. After that your data is securely erased.