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QuickBooks Data Recovery Service

Are you looking for a QuickBooks data recovery service after experiencing QuickBooks data loss?

Intuit QuickBooks is a popular accounting software utilized by businesses of all sizes. While QuickBooks started as an accounting solution for small businesses, their current offerings provide sufficiently advanced software that can be used by companies ranging from sole-proprietorships with one employee to large corporations with thousands of employees around the world. While using this software is typically a simple endeavor, it is possible to experience data loss that impacts your accounting data.


Why Offer a QuickBooks Data Recovery Service?

Data Savers offers a QuickBooks data recovery service for a number of reasons. A major factor is the fact that Data Savers attempts to offer a comprehensive array of data recovery services. We want to assist clients who experience data loss of any variety. A secondary factor is the priority QuickBooks data loss has taken for previous clients. While losing family photos may be a distressing experience, the aftermath is simply dealing with the fact that the photos are gone. Losing a QuickBooks organization is always distressing because the aftermath involves reconstructing a complicated accounting database. An additional factor is somewhat connected to the first; QuickBooks is an extremely popular service that is used by millions every year.

In 2019, there were an estimated 4.5 million QuickBooks customers. Of this sample space, the average QuickBooks client will successfully complete their accounting activities using QuickBooks without ever encountering an issue. According to simple probability theory, a sample size in the millions is going to include outliers who diverge from the mean. These outliers are the individuals who experience QuickBooks data loss. If you can count yourself among that unlucky crowd, take a deep breath and read on, you’re in the right place to resolve your QuickBooks data loss dilemma.

QuickBooks Data Recovery Services with Data Savers

Data Savers has been restoring lost files from all manner of electronic data storage devices for nearly twenty years. The Data Savers team exists to help our clientele, and through our longstanding experience we recognize that individuals who experience QuickBooks data loss are always eager to recover their accounting information. Interestingly enough, the QuickBooks data recovery process does not differ in any meaningful way from a general data recovery case.

The QuickBooks Data Recovery Process

A client who lost QuickBooks data will submit the Data Savers request a quote form. This submission provides our team with details on the specific scenario the client has encountered. After submitting the form, the client will receive a pre-paid shipping label, Data Savers always offers free inbound shipping, and our QuickBooks data recovery services are no exception. After Data Savers receives your equipment, our data recovery engineers will conduct a risk-free evaluation and provide you with an estimate for data recovery. If you choose to proceed, our engineers will begin working on your hard drive immediately. If your drive has sustained physical damage, stabilizing your hard drive will be our first priority. After the drive is stable our engineers will address any logical failure that is impacting your data. Finally, your QuickBooks data will be extracted and saved to a new hard drive that we ship back to you.

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What is QuickBooks?

Intuit QuickBooks is a bookkeeping software that was first released in 1983 under the name Quicken. Upon acquiring a major competitor, In-House Accountant, Intuit merged the two products and released QuickBooks. Over the years, Intuit has released an array of variations of their QuickBooks software. Some of the more recently released editions of QuickBooks are cloud-based accounting solutions, but the QuickBooks desktop software has always been the flagship product.

Navigating QuickBooks data can be a confusing process for anyone who lacks experience in QuickBooks data recovery. While most consumer software saves data to individual files with one file extension (think .docx or .xlsx), QuickBooks files use a variety of different file extensions. A few of the most common are .qbw, .qbm, .qbb, and .aif. If you feel overwhelmed attempting to mentally digest those file types, consider how complicated it is to extract each of those files from a failing hard drive. If you are a more technically inclined QuickBooks user who is willing to risk attempting QuickBooks data recovery on your own, you can refer to the QuickBooks auto data recovery tutorial provided in the official QuickBooks documentation.

The Data Savers team strongly advises our clientele (and potential clientele) to only trust professional data recovery laboratories when it comes to QuickBooks data recovery services. It is never a good idea to put the fate of your files in the hands of amateurs, but it is an especially bad idea when the data you are trying to restore is the lifeblood of your business. Start the data recovery process with Data Savers today, and your accounting database will be back up and running before you know it!

I was very thankful that they provided a fair price up front! No hidden fees! These guys know what they're doing. Super thankful for them!

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