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About Us

Who is Data Savers LLC?

Data Savers, LLC is a Georgia corporation specializing in low-cost data recovery of hard drives, RAIDs, and other media. As one of the nation’s leading data recovery companies, we employ drive repair and recovery techniques developed over many years to bring customers high-quality services and solutions at an affordable price.

Our expertise is recognized by clients who ship us drives from all over the world, as well as by other data recovery firms who send us difficult and challenging cases. Our staff provides the benefit of decades of experience in computer science, technology, and customer service.

We are among the first to offer the comfort and security of flat rate recovery prices.  Diagnosis is always free. We believe that your important family photos, work documents, and other important data shouldn’t be held hostage on a per-file basis at astronomical prices – we only charge a low, flat-rate fee to return everything we can recover.

We believe that we offer the best customer service in the business. We provide step-by-step updates of the recovery process as a project moves from reception to completion, using our proprietary CustomTrak communication portal. Our innovative, customer-friendly service has been nationally recognized by the Stevie Awards group.

Competent. Trustworthy. Friendly. Low-Cost. We’re Data Savers, LLC.

What is “Data Recovery”?

Data Recovery is the process of salvaging data from a damaged hard drive or other storage device. Although we often read more than 99% of a failed drive, the range is from 0 – 100%, depending upon the degree of damage. Each case is different. However, our specialized recovery equipment and experienced technicians enable us to get the best possible recovery for you.

Why should I choose Data Savers LLC?

Our benefits and advantages include:

Data Savers LLC has successfully recovered data for thousands of different clients. Our customers include individuals, corporations, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, and other data recovery firms who send us their hard cases. We receive drives from all over the world.

How much does it cost?

We offer two levels of flat-rate (fixed price) recovery service. The lower-priced Level A Recovery Service applies to drives that can be read on our special equipment without intervention. This includes drives with bad media sectors, deleted files and some drives with degraded performance.

Drives that require special intervention (due to mechanical and/or electrical failure) before we can begin reading from them qualify for Level B Recovery Service.

The price at each level is based upon the size of your drive. Level A Services start at $349 and Level B Services start at $649.

Free quote! We will evaluate your drive and give you a quote before we begin the recovery process. If you decline service after the quote, we return the drive to you at no charge.

Our flat rates also include free shipping*.

*Applies to UPS ground shipping of all drives within continental United States. Laptop shipments will be billed $20 for extra insurance.

What kind of turnaround time can I expect?

Approximately 30% of our recoveries complete within 36 hours. The turnaround time depends upon the service required and the condition of the drive. Level A Recoveries range from 3-5 days (often less!) and our Level B Recoveries range from 4-10 days. Larger data sets and heavily damaged drives just take more time to recover.

If needed, we do offer optional priority (“rush”) and weekend service for an additional charge. Contact us for details.

How do I send a drive for evaluation and recovery?

Click on the “Submit Drive” button below to complete our online registration. You will receive your service ticket number in a confirmation email and, if requested, a UPS Ground shipping label. Pack your drive in a sturdy box with plenty of cushioning material to protect it from further damage.  Laptop shippers must make sure that the packaging adequately protects the computer on all sides, especially at the corners, to prevent shipping damage.

If you live near our Atlanta, GA, lab, you are welcome to deliver it directly to us. In many cases, we are able to provide a quote for you while you wait.

What about the security of my data?

Data security is the foundation of our business. We work with government agencies, professional and individuals. Everyone’s data is important and securely protected during our process. We do keep a copy or image of your data for ten days to ensure that you receive it successfully. After that your data is securely erased. While adequately covered in our registration documents, Data Savers, LLC does offer an additional executable Non-Disclosure Agreement upon request.

How will you return my recovered data to me?

We will transfer your recovered data to a new external drive. You have the option of providing one or purchasing one from us. If you purchase a drive from us, you may select the drive during your online registration. If you are providing a drive, please send it with your failed drive.

Please note that your provided drive must be completely empty, less than 2 years old and large enough to hold the entire recovered data set. We accept USB3 external drives as well as SATA drives. Network Attached Storage devices are not suitable targets. A target drive is for recovered file storage and will not be a bootable drive.

What can I do with the recovered data?

Once you receive your recovered data you can transfer/import documents, photographs, and other files to a working computer system. We do recommend the re-installation of software programs to ensure that they are fully operational.

What if you cannot recover my data?

Data recovery is a salvage process. Once your drive is stabilized our recovery equipment allows us to get the best possible read on a drive. In most cases, we are able to read 99+% of the drive.

If we are unable to stabilize your drive to read files, there is no charge.

How can I get more detailed information, or speak to someone?

You can click on Help/Chat or call us at (770) 939-9363/(866) 693-2824. Our front office is open from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST Monday through Thursday, and 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST on Fridays.

If I want to start the process, what is the next step?

Scroll to the bottom of any page on our site and click on the “Submit Drive” button.  Follow the prompts.  Remember, our evaluation is free, and if you live in the U.S., we will send you a UPS label for free ground shipping.  

I was very thankful that they provided a fair price up front! No hidden fees! These guys know what they're doing. Super thankful for them!

~ Marin G. on Google

After working with two other companies who could not recover the wedding videos, we took the drive to Data Savers. Our wedding videos were recovered. They are true professionals and worth every penny!

~ Elizabeth H. on Yelp

The team at Data Savers were level headed and provided reasonable flat rate options. They quickly diagnosed the problem, recovered the data, and had me back to normal in short order.

~ Mark J. on Google

Data Savers' No Risk Steps

Send In Your Drive

Ship* us your drive, our technicians will examine it for FREE and provide you with a flate rate (no hidden costs) estimate. (*FREE UPS Ground shipping in continental U.S. too!)

You can start by clicking Submit Drive.

We can also email you a quick estimate with our Request Pricing option.

We Go To Work

After your receive your estimate, with your approval our experts will get to work on recovering your data. Our drive repair and recovery techniques have been developed over many years to get the highest success rate possible.

With our No Data - No Charge policy we will not charge you if no data can be retrieved.

Get Your Data Back!

We will transfer your recovered data to a new external drive, ship* it back to you and let you get back in business! (*Free UPS Ground return in continental U.S.)

We do keep a copy or image of your data for ten days to ensure that you receive it successfully. After that your data is securely erased.