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What to do After Data Recovery

Don’t know what to do next?

 Backup        Restore        Review

Backup: All hard drives fail. This can happen at anytime, and usually occurs without warning. There is no better time than now to start a good habit of keeping multiple copies of your data at all times, including the data you just got back from your recovery. Data Savers, LLC keeps a copy of all recovered data on hand for ten (10) days after work is completed to allow you time to do this. After that our copy is securely erased to help protect your privacy. We recommend keeping at least two distinct copies of all of your data, and many former customers have even chosen to get a remote backup of their most critical files so they would be covered in case of fire or other natural disaster


Restore: If the main hard drive of your computer fails and has gone through data recovery, the best course of action is to reinstall your software. While it might run from the recovered disk, the way these things interact with your system can cause issues down the line if you don’t take the time to reinstall them. Once that is done you can start reintegrating your files with your software. Each piece of software saves files in its own way. Because of this we can answer basic questions, but you will want to contact a full service tech or the software manufacturer if you need help with this step. Database recoveries such as Quickbooks or Outlook may also want to look into database reconstruction services. These services are an art unto themselves and can help you make the most of a partial recovery


Review: Review your data as soon as possible after you receive it. Data Savers, LLC keeps a copy of your data on hand for ten days after work is completed. During this period we can go back and rescan your data to help you find any important files you are unable to find. The reality is, sometimes we can’t get every file back, but if you wait too long, there’s no way for us to try. If you are going to need some more time, just send us an email and we will add another ten days to your drive’s queue. If you had a deleted file recovery, or there was any directory damage be sure to set aside a large block of time for this. These recoveries by their very nature have a large number of generic files that you may need to go through to find your data.