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Not every company has the equipment on site to deal with difficult recoveries.  At Data Savers, LLC we don’t back down just because your drive will require a little extra effort. Our abilities include all kinds of electronic and mechanical failures. We perform all mechanical repairs in a special Class 100 clean environment onsite.

In most cases we can recover 90% plus of the data on a drive. We offer data recovery services in all kinds of situations, such as:

File corruption is common and often the least expensive and easiest to recover. This can happen if you got a virus, your drive was prematurely ejected, or was accidentally formatted.

One of the earliest signs of a failing drive is when it begins developing bad sectors: areas of data that are difficult to read. Our tools allow us to send special instructions to your drive to maximize the amount of data that can be read from these areas.

The logic board on the bottom of the drive fails, preventing a drive from spinning up or from accessing the data. Data can be recovered once the board is replaced or repaired.

Critical information about the drive’s configuration is lost or corrupted, preventing access to the data.

(e.g. crashed heads, damaged platters, motor failure, etc.) We use advanced technology to “work around” bad components in a drive to recover data whenever possible. We also perform mechanical repairs in a special Class 100 clean environment.

All kinds of RAID's

A note about cell phones

Most cell phones are encrypted in order to protect your personal data. Unfortunately, this also prevents us from using our recovery techniques to pull data that is lost or deleted. We'd be happy to give you a referral if you would like to pursue data recovery for your mobile device. Just as with everything else, cell phones fail; always back up your data, and you can almost completely avoid data recovery all together!