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Apple Data Recovery

Data Savers, LLC prides itself in maintaining excellent customer service, maintaining a 98% customer satisfaction rating. Rather than just sending an invoice when work is completed, we send our customers frequent updates via our CustomTrak™, and clients are given a direct link to the technician working on their drive via email.

Often we hear clients tell us that they are quoted two to three times our rates for the same work. While we do charge additional fees for expedited or RAID recoveries, our rates remain some of the best in the industry. Our flat-rate recovery fees start at as little as $349 and evaluation is free.

We do charge for shipping and your target media, but we keep our rates competitive when compared to the retail market. Removing the drive from an iMac or MacBook incurs an additional labor charge based on the model, but this is always one hour or less. With over 25 years combined experience working with Apple products, we are happy to include installing a new hard drive in the labor fee. All prices are given up front, so you can make an educated decision concerning the cost of your recovery.


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Why spend upwards of $2500 to recover your data if we can do it for as little as $349?

How do we do it?

To answer that question, it is important to understand how drives fail:

Logical Failure – (e.g file corruption) is common and often the least expensive and easiest to recover. This can happen if you got a virus, your drive was prematurely ejected, or was accidentally formatted.

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Sector Failure – One of the earliest signs of a failing drive is when it begins developing bad sectors: areas of data that are difficult to read. Our tools allow us to send special instructions to your drive to maximize the amount of data that can be read from these areas.

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Electronic Failure – The logic board on the bottom of the drive fails, preventing a drive from spinning up or from accessing the data. Data can be recovered once the board is replaced or repaired.

Firmware or Configuration Failure – Critical information about the drive’s configuration is lost or corrupted, preventing access to the data.

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Mechanical Failure – (e.g. crashed heads, damaged platters, motor failure, etc.) We use advanced technology to “work around” bad components in a drive to recover data whenever possible. We also perform mechanical repairs in a special Class 100 clean environment.

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We've been working with Apple® products for over 20 years. That means that we have the experience to know how to deal with your drive regardless of whether it was your primary drive, or your Time Machine backup.

We have the knowledge and experience to recover data from the majority of bad drives. We can recover from all of the popular platforms and operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Our lab includes a Class 100 work facility (a “clean room”) and advanced drive recovery hardware, supported by years of component-level hard disk repair expertise.

Depending on the nature of the problem, some level of data corruption may have occurred as the drive was on its way to failure. Data Savers, LLC makes every effort in recovering data from these drives using special techniques and recovery algorithms developed over years of experience and success.


You won’t find a better company for Apple data recovery.