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What is “Data Recovery”?

Data Recovery  is the process of salvaging data from a damaged hard drive or other storage device. Sometimes 100% of the data can be recovered. In other cases, damage to the drive will reduce the quantity or quality of recoverable or useful data.

How much does it cost?

Data Savers, LLC has two basic recovery labor charges, Level A or Level B depending upon the type of hard drive problem and the total size of the drive. Most drives fall in the Level A category. Drives that require electronic, firmware, or mechanical repair before data can be recovered are Level B recoveries. For a complete price list you can go to
If you are uncertain if your drive is a Level A or B type, we will notify you of failure mode and price (if it is anything other than Level A)  before we begin the recovery process.

What kind of turnaround time can I expect?

The turnaround time depends upon several factors including: 1) the size of the drive; 2) the condition of the drive and the extent of damage; 3) our workload at the time the drive is submitted, and 4) if we need to order parts. Some drives can be turned around in one day, whereas other drives may take from two to six days or more. We cannot predict the turn-around time until we have received and tested the drive. We will provide an estimate ASAP by email or telephone, upon request.

We offer optional priority (“rush”) and weekend service and can return drives by next day air freight if needed. Contact us for details.

How do I submit a drive for recovery?

Click on the “Submit a Drive” link to the top. Download and fill out a two-page service Work Order, which tells us about you and your drive. Carefully packge the drive and ship it to us along with the service Work Order, and we will notify you when we receive it. Note that a completed and signed Work Order must be submitted with the drive or faxed to us before work can proceed.

What about the security of my data??

Data Savers, LLC cares about the security of your data and takes appropriate measures to protect it. We do not share your data with anyone except for our technical staff on a need-to-know basis. We keep a copy or image of your data for a brief interval after recovery (typically ten days) to ensure that you receive it successfully. After that interval, the image is securely erased.

Data Savers, LLC offers a Non-Disclosure Agreement for clients who are especially concerned about the security of their data. If this applies to you, contact our office via e-mail, and we will send you a copy of the Agreement.

How will you return my recovered data to me??

We have to transfer the recovered data onto something so that we can return it to you. Although we return your bad drive or other device to you, recovering data to the defective item is not a viable option. The drive will likely fail again, and it also limits options for future recovery work, if needed.

Some clients ask us to recover data to DVD media. This is fine if you have a device with small capacity (e.g. a USB stick). The first DVD of data (up to 4 GB) is free, but successive DVDs are $20 each. Except for special circumstances, our limits for DVD recovery are 12 GB total.

We prefer to try to recover as much as your data as possible, and then let you decide what to keep and what to throw away. The best choice for most hard drive recoveries is another hard drive, in terms of cost and ease of use. You can purchase a hard drive from Data Savers, LLC at a competitive rate, or we can recover the data to a drive that you supply. Call or e-mail us for current pricing.

If you supply the hard drive, please note there are mandatory requirements and conditions: the drive must be erased and large enough to hold the entire recovered data set and we are not responsible for your drive, should it fail subsequently. Drives that do not meet our requirements will be returned.

What can I do with the recovered data?

The answer to that question depends upon 1) the type of operating system (e.g. Windows® or Macintosh®) and 2) the quality and quantity of successfully recovered data.

Windows® users should be able to transfer and use documents, photographs, and other data to a working computer system. However, recovered programs generally will not launch because of the nature of the Windows® registry. Recovered e-mail will have to be imported into mail programs such as Microsoft® Outlook® and Outlook Express®.

Alternately, Macintosh® users may be able to make use of recovered programs and other data. Recovered e-mail will have to be imported into a functional e-mail program; music and photographs will have to be imported into iTunes® and iPhoto® libraries, etc.

What if you cannot recover my data?

We will diagnose the failure and return the drive to you. We also may refer you to one of our associates for other possible repair or recovery options. You only pay for the return freight costs, unless there are other charges.

What about partial recovery?

Data recovery is often a salvage process, which involves scavenging for available data. For example, if a crashed head has physically damaged the media platters, no one can recover information from the damaged areas. Often, recovering 40% of a drive takes considerably more effort than recovering 100%, depending upon the nature of the failure. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the quality or quantity of data recovered, because good data may not exist on the drive.

How can I get more detailed information, or speak to someone?

You can click on the Contact Us link to the left, or call us at (770) 939-9363. Our offices are open from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Monday through Thursday, and 10 AM – 5 PM on Fridays.

Does Data Savers, LLC have any special programs for dealers and service centers?

Data Savers, LLC has a referral partner program for qualifying dealers and service centers. Contact us for details.